Over 30 years in lead testing, Lead Risk Assessments, and Lead Inspections

About the Lead Safe Team

The Professionals of the Lead Safe Team

We are a group of highly dedicated professionals that treat every project as though it were our own. Lead Safe LLC is a New York State Certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE). We have performed literally thousands of lead inspections and lead risk assessments. We have worked in housing projects, apartment complexes, scattered housing sites, Section 8 housing, and for Jane and John Q. Public in their private homes.

We take pride in providing the very same high quality service to each and every client. Why? Simple, we care. Give us a call and we'll prove it to you. Professional Lead Testing Equipment We share a common goal with childhood lead poisoning prevention advocates. Lead Safe LLC sees the tremendous benefits to both the community and the economy in the eradication of childhood lead poisoning as soon as possible.

Lead Safe LLC does very little advertising or marketing for providing our service because it doesn't need to. In the twelve years that we have provided our services, we have never had a client that wasn't 100% satisfied with the quality of our work and we Becky Markus - The Owner of Lead Safe LLC have consistently met our clients deadlines.

With clients across New York state, we are always ready to take more clients. We have professional liability insurance and as many references as you need to feel comfortable putting your project in our hands.

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